June 7, 2018

Episode 60: Reset Button

Steve and Jake get back to our roots and just decide to talk about whatever.   Forget news, forget release stuff.  We just talk about the games we play and whatever suits our fancy.

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  1. God of War:
    I did get it, I did play it, I did enjoy it. When a new God of War was announced I was hoping they would pick a new civilization and new protagonist, but keep the game-play style. I was hoping the change in setting/character/story would be enough to revitalize the series, because things we're getting stagnate with Kratos and Ascension felt a lot like just going through the motions. I'm happy with how they changed things up though, and that helped to keep things fresh. I like the direction they went with Kratos, I liked how they incorporated Atreus, and I enjoyed what they delivered.

    Movie Tie-In games
    - I have played some that were fun. You mentioned Spider-man 2, which is not only a great movie-tie-in game, but one of the best Spider-man games ever (although I think Shattered Dimensions take the top place for me right now; we'll see what happens with Insomniac's title) and a top pick from my PS2 library .
    - I also liked Captain America (a simple, fun action game), Toy Story 3 had a lot to it for my kids to play and revisit (at the time anyway), Cars 2 is a decent racer, and so many of the TT Lego Games are essentially tie-in games and are fun. I never played Tron 2.0, but I did enjoy all the Tron Evolution games I played (PS3, PSP, and Wii) which were all tie-ins to Legacy, although didn't haven't you playing through the movie story-line.
    - I was thinking of Star Wars too when you were talking, and I agree that although there are some bad SW games, there are a lot of great ones. The PS2 versions of Battlefront 1 & 2 are still a lot of fun, and I consider those movie-tie-in games. Although they didn't line up with a movie release, you were playing so many of the scenes that I'm counting it.
    - When it comes to games that play outside of the movie plot, I do appreciate it and feel like they can be a bit more creative when they're not restricted to the script. It also makes more sense, because when they try and shoe-horn in levels based on movie plot points it can get ridiculous.
    - At the same time, I'm not really missing the lack of tie-in games that seem to be in the market these days. I've been preferring the franchise-related games, but not movie-tie-ins. Like the Arkham games, and Transformers Devastation. Although I'm not immediately turned off by them, there have been a lot of awful tie-in games, and it's been that way since they started doing it. So although there are some gems out there, the balance unfortunately does seem to tip in the favour of the crappy tie-in games. But like you said, that could realistically be said for most genres of games, but other genres maybe didn't always have so many of their crappy games in quite as high a profile as something tied to a major movie or franchise.
    - Since you brought up Superman Returns though, I will mention that I did not like that game. I bought it for $2 NEW and I thought I spent too much. I did not like the city mechanic; it felt like a giant escort mission where you're escorting block upon block of buildings.

    "We'll settle it in Smash" - I only have Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii. You know why? 'Cause the Smash games suck. BOOM! TRIGGERED AGAIN! ;)

    As for the podcast, I think the new format works.