February 20, 2017

Episode 48: Did Donky Kong really happen?

We talk about Paper Mario, Persona 3, Final Fantasy XV, the Mario timeline and Yoshi's Island and some other random stuff.

We finally have a GV10List so listen in and enjoy.

Here's a couple of links we mention in this week's podcast:

Watch christober72304

Derelict's Movie Moment - Ratchet and Clank

NieR: Automata – A special message from YOKO TARO

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  1. This time around I just have a couple links with more info on some items mentioned in your podcast, in case you want to check them out.

    Regarding PS Trophies - https://rumble.com/v33rfe-my-thoughts-on-playstation-trophies.html

    My thoughts on TLOU - https://rumble.com/v32sb4-my-thoughts-on-the-last-of-us.html

    I'll also mention that now that Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting some positive reviews, I'll very likely be picking it up in week 1 of it's release. :)