March 30, 2010

The most unusual story out of PAX

So the Penny Arcade Expo was this last weekend and while it was filled with what one would normally expect at a video-game conference one very unusual story has popped up.

At the Atomic Games booth, Justin May, 20, of Delaware, attempted something rather daring. After waiting for the employee at the booth to take a short break, May took his laptop, hooked it to the demo machine and attempted to steal the game.

Fortunately for Atomic Games, someone saw what May was trying to do and prevented the theft (though apparently he successfully downloaded portions of it game). May took off and was pursued through the Convention Center and was finally caught.

The game that he was attempting to steal was worth millions of dollars, so had he succeeded, it would have been a huge loss to Atomic Games.

I've heard of game code being stolen before, but to stand on the floor of a convention and be so brazen as to attempt to steal the game right there just seems, well, stupid. I'm not sure May realized what he was getting into as he offered the arresting officer $100 to "get me out of this." Given that he could face 5 years and $25,000 fine offering $100 seems a little low, $100 is for speeding tickets, not larceny. Just FYI, I would never condone the bribing of an officer of the law, I'm only stating this in support of my thoughts that I really don't think he knew what he was really getting into.

Well, he posted bail, and didn't show up for his hearing. Now he's on the run and a warrant has been posted for him. Poor Justin, all for the love of a game.

You can read more about it here:

Suspected Game Code Thief on the Lam

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