December 10, 2009

FFXIII PS3 and 360 differences

Over on, they've got the skinny on the differences between the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. Square, speaking with Famitsu, said that they would be identical way back when but I don't think anyone really believed them.

So what are the differences?
  • Audio and video will be uncompressed on the PS3, and compressed for the 360
  • PS3 version will be on a single dual-layer blu-ray disc, 360 version will span 'multiple' DVDs.
For the video and audiophiles out there that's probably a make or break issue for the 360 version. For everyone else? I guess we'll see just how compressed it is.

Is this really a surprise? Did anyone not expect this? I know I didn't.

Oh and for anyone who cares, XIII missed a Famitsu perfect score by 1. So close.

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